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Integral Facts That You Need to Know About Immigration Bail Bonds


The United States is strict on immigration matters. If your citizenship status expires or you violate your legal responsibilities when granted citizenship, then you are subject to getting arrested and getting prosecuted. The relevant immigration authority can detain you and place you in custody. When you are in such a tight situation, you can apply for an immigration bond. Of course, when you get an immigration bond, you are going to be released from detention. If you are in this situation, you’ll need to secure the services of a licensed bond agency. Also, don’t forget that getting an immigration bond doesn’t mean that the charges have been withdrawn. You still have to seek legal help to restore your citizenship. The immigration bond gives you freedom as you sort out your immigration mess. Once you are released from custody via this process, you have to make sure that you appear for court hearings as well as report to the immigration officials when necessary. Visit USImmigrationBonds.com for more.

Not all people can get an immigration bond, there is an eligibility criterion. Certain conditions can limit a person from accessing and benefiting from an immigration bond. If you had been previously given a deporting order, and you failed to adhere by it, you don’t qualify for an immigration bond. Those that have a criminal record or have served in prison for a felony are also going to be denied access to an immigration bond. Some other people are considered to be risky to the community that will also be denied the immigration bond. If you qualify for an immigration bond, then they are of two types: voluntary departure bond and delivery bond. Any individual that is accused of being illegally in the US can utilize a delivery bond. If you get this, you have to make sure that you appear in all your hearings. When you are applying for this, you need to produce your notice of custody and arrest warrant. On the other hand, a voluntary departure bond is one whereby the applicant is allowed to leave the country using their money over a given time. The cash gets forfeited if the individual prefers not to leave.  Click here to apply for immigration bond.

So, how much does an immigration bond cost? The amount varies and can be set either by an immigration judge or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department. However, there are minimum amounts for each type of bond; delivery is $1500 while a departure is $500.


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